About LiquidTech

About LiquidTech

  • June 30, 2022
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LiquidTech Chemicals Corporation is an established minority owned, multi-dimensional, chemical manufacturing company providing innovating programs and products.  LiquidTech specializes in state-of-the-art, highly effective, yet safe, auto care, marine care, motorcycle care, household/business cleaning products, and even sanitization products.

LiquidTech’s three lines of products include: 1) State-of-the art automobile, motorcycle, and marine cleaning & detailing products; 2) Residential/Commercial cleaning products; and last, 3) Personal protection and portable sanitization products.

Part of LiquidTech’s mission is to provide “truly innovative” programs to our customers and our community.  Not only is it what we sale, but what we do!  One program that fulfills such mission and impacts our community in such a positive way is ‘The Ultimate Car Show”.

The Ultimate Car Show is a fundraiser to help The Sharing Center.  The Sharing Center provides to our community such a needed and valued service! The Sharing Center helps families and individuals experiencing poverty receive compassionate care. The center works to provide emergency financial assistance, groceries, clothes, showers, and other essential resources. The center addresses immediate needs, as well as provide extended support through their programs that lead individuals and families toward a better future and long-term stability.

By the way, LiquidTech also provides those wanting a career change or want to start a business a complete turn key program.  This program will help any entrepreneur, salesperson, or even, an individual alike, succeed in their business venture. LiquidTech also provides a robust digital marketing agency and a free technology platform to all their brand partners so that anyone has the potential to capture strong market share and maximize sales. LiquidTech also offers a Mastermind series of training events and workshops.  Also provided in our program is coaching & mentoring, a lead capture and management system, and even performance goal monitoring.  With all that support and infrastructure available, any brand partner should have the upper edge to succeed in their business.  A real business engine available to all!!

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