What Makes a Good Car Show?

What Makes a Good Car Show?

  • June 11, 2022
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What makes a good car show actually is a loaded question. For those participating and demonstrating their car, that owner and some others want to see it they will receive an award.  It’s human nature to want others to appreciate and recognize the time and effort you’ve soaked into buying or restoring and maintaining your special ride.  But that’s not the only reason people go and appreciate a good car show.  So, what is it?

A good show must have the diversity to impact all the attendees.  Everyone who attends will have different likes and interests.  We do love outdoor events, but not everyone wants to see car after car.  Furthermore, not everyone wants to see classic cars, or sport cars or even trucks. Some of us like to hang out and listen to music while drinking a beer.  Some others want to see different vendor stands and understand what is the latest in commerce.  Some others want to just go shopping and hit a “farmer’s market!  Kids also need a diversion and have something very unique just for them. Also, many attending would like the show to help our community in some way or another.

So, the net answer to our question, “what makes a car show”, is to have something very special that truly appeals to all.  This was the genesis and making of “The Ultimate Car Show”.  The Ultimate Car Show is positioned to be one of the largest car shows and fundraisers in central Florida. This event offers: a car show, a farmer’s market, a beer garden, a DJ with music, games for children, gourmet food trucks and much, much more. It is the Ultimate! At the show, you will also find 5 separate car sections (pavilions) for each car genre. – Fun for all!

The Ultimate Car Show is a fundraiser to help The Sharing Center.  The Sharing Center provides to our community such a needed and valued service! The Sharing Center helps families and individuals experiencing poverty receive compassionate care. The center works to provide emergency financial assistance, groceries, clothes, showers, and other essential resources. The center addresses immediate needs, as well as provides extended support through their programs that lead individuals and families toward a better future and long-term stability.

The Ultimate Car Show welcomes all makes, models, and years.  Most shows focus on classic American cars.  However, my favorite shows have been those in which a wide variety of cars have participated. Owners of late-model muscle cars enjoy showing off their cars as do those who own exotics like Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, or Lamborghini. By welcoming all makes, models, and years, our show increases the potential to attract the largest number of participants and a broad range of cars that will be of interest to spectators.  The Ultimate Car Show will welcome all makes, models and years.

So what makes this event even more ultimate:

  • Parking? No one enjoys a parking area so tight that it feels like your car is in a can of sardines. Our parking area is the paved parking lot directly across the event that is provided by one of our partners, Orlando Health.   No grass and the capacity for 500 cars will be this an easy venture to get in and out!
  • Food? Food and cars go hand in hand.  The best shows have food readily available by way of commercial restaurants, food trucks, or on sight cooking.   The greater the variety of food the better. That’s why The Ultimate Car Show will offer 6 – 7 gourmet food trucks.  From Mexican to seafood to Asian to hotdogs to barbeque.  We will have it all! 
  • Beer? Of course.  An event without alcohol is just not fun.  The Ultimate Car Show will have a Beer Garden that will offer at least 45 craft beers, wine, well drinks, and even, mimosas. Another ultimate, the ultimate drinking experience.
  • Judging? The Ultimate Car Show’s judging is on a point system that is by far the fairest method to evaluate each vehicle.  It removes much of the subjectivity, bias, and favoritism. We use multiple judges to award points for exterior, interior, engine compartment, wheels, and overall cleanliness. Vehicles with the highest point total receive awards. This method gives each vehicle a fair shot to compete!
  • Prizes and Awards? First and foremost, our show will have 4 car pavilions that will be judged and will provide 3 winners from each pavilion.  The winners will receive a cash prize, a trophy, and a license plaque.  All car participants will also receive T-shirts and a goodie bag.  Consoling prizes will also be provided.
  • A Raffle? 50/50 raffle tickets will be sold before and during the event.  Imagine taking home 50% of the pot while helping to fundraise!
  • Attendee Give Aways? All attendees (while supplies last) will receive a goodie bag upon entrance and registration to the show.  Each bag is filled with great giveaways and trinkets from our sponsors.

There you have it!  A car show that appeals to all, prizes and recognition to those participating, good food, great beers, music, shopping, vendor demos, and even a playground – this truly is the ultimate of car shows!

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